One Minute of Fitness Inspiration – Self Compassion

By Cindy Abrami, NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist, UESCA Running and Multisport Coach and holds a BS in Nutrition

Self-Compassion – In fitness, training and diet, everyone has setbacks now and again.  Days where life gets in the way and we miss our much needed workout, or in dealing with a stressful situation, we fall off our game and sometimes even slip into old unhealthy patterns.  Set-backs happen.  How do you deal with them when they happen to you?  What kind of self-talk enters your mind?  We are typically our own worst critic and often what we really need on bad, day or week is a bit of self-compassion.  Here is a great way we can love ourselves through the bad days.  Separate yourself from the set-back: Instead of negatively labeling yourself with negative “I am” statements, label the problem.  For instance, turn “I am a failure” into “I’ve had a few set-backs”.  Any time you apply a negative “I am” statement to yourself, immediately recognize it and reframe it.  It’s not who you are.  Discipline your mind to reframe the negative into positive.  Self-compassion will enable you to overcome any set-back and you’ll once again be on the right track.  Make today great!

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