One Minute of Fitness Inspiration – Faith

By Cindy Abrami, NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist, UESCA Running and Multisport Coach and holds a BS in Nutrition

Faith – Faith is the confidence in things hoped for and being certain of that which you cannot see.  This week I’ve been pondering this deeply as I’ve had the privilege of working with a few folks who are re-entering their fitness and nutrition journey.  If you’re going to get there you have to start somewhere but starting at what feels like the beginning can be daunting.  For a while you’ll have to put in what feels like a lot of work and effort without necessarily seeing many results.  This is why I’ve pondered the idea of faith so much.  It comes down to trusting the process.  Being confident of the thing you hope for and certain even though you can’t yet see it.  Here is what you hold onto.  If you are making positive changes both in your overall fitness and your diet, good and healthy changes are happening and it is only a matter of time before you begin to really see it.  But those changes are happening.  So for a little while it might take a measure of faith but stay the course.  You’re doing it right. Lasting, transformational lifestyle change, the kind of change that is permanent and defines a new “YOU” doesn’t happen overnight or in a month.  It happens day by day as you stay consistent and change habits one at a time.  They are small steps but think about where you’ll be in a year!

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